Welcome to Brookland Yoga!

Sharlene, founder of Brookland Yoga, has taken Brookland Yoga and the partnerships model to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition to partnership events and classes in Buenos Aires, we are keen to organize a retreat and hope some of our Brookland community members join us.  Please get in touch if you'd like to hear more! 

Map image Brookland to Buenos Aires.png

Brookland Yoga is in Buenos Aires

A first expansion of Brookland Yoga overseas! Same unique yoga experiences, different everything! Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you. 

Sharlene, maestra de yoga y dueña de Brookland Yoga, está en Buenos Aires, Argentina y esta buscando lugares y negocios o organizaciones que quieran juntar con el mundo de yoga - ejemplos de negocios en Washington DC incluyen vinotecas, los viñedos que tengan lugar dentro o fuera para una clase de yoga, mercados, y el mundo está abierto para otras ideas. sharlene@brooklandyoga.com  

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