Our Mission is to bring mindfulness and creativity into every day life. Book one of our workshops directly on airbnb via the calendar link below or feel free to reach out with questions/inquiries. Sharlene.bagga@gmail.com

We'll gather at the kitchen table and I'll offer an orientation to the 5 main spices of Indian cooking. Then I will take you step by step through the various creations that I grew up cooking with my mom and am perfecting as an adult. This experience will be entirely participatory so together we will prepare ingredients and cook 3 dishes which we’ll enjoy together at the end. A sample menu would include a rice dish, a vegetable or lentil dish and an Indian bread. We can also mix in yogurt dishes, lentils, and meat if desired. The entire meal can easily be made vegetarian and vegan/gluten free if needed so please send me a note of any foods you'd rather avoid when you sign up. After we eat, there might be a quiz on the Indian spices!

I’m excited to share my heritage and passion with you, and to get to know each of you who participate. I hope you will enjoy your creations!