Our Mission is to bring mindfulness and creativity into every day life. Book one of our workshops directly on airbnb via the calendar link below or feel free to reach out with questions/inquiries. Sharlene.bagga@gmail.com

We'll gather at a large dining table with a beautiful view of Recoleta to taste some wines, chat and introduce ourselves, and check out the painted glassware and stencils I have as you think about how you'd like to design yours. You will be invited to browse wine-centered books, Argentina-focused stencils and ideas for souvenir wine glasses, play some wine trivia and drink wine until the inspiration hits you. Then, each of us will choose a wine glass to paint (I have glass vases and sets of cute little toothpick/shot glasses if you prefer. Beer glasses are also available, you'd just need to tell me that you'd like them when you sign up for the experience). Over music, we will paint and hang out and I'll provide you with instructions of how to make your painted wine glass 100% food safe and also top rack dishwasher safe both in the way that you paint it and how you set the paint to dry. I'm excited to meet you and I hope you will enjoy your creations! 

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